Austrack Rolls Out New Fuel Bowsers

Bunded mobile fuel tankers minimise leaks and make refuelling a breeze, Austrack claims

Brisbane based equipment sales and rental company, Austrack, has released new fuel bowsers designed to make transporting and storing fuel safer and easier.

The units range from 1000-litre to 2300-litre in capacity, and are fully bunded to minimise leak and spillage of fuel.

According to Austrack managing director, Mick Benson, all the fuel bowsers are built for Australian conditions.

"They come standard with lockable cabinets, 12-volt electric pumps, flow metres, fuel nozzles with hose, 12-volt batteries, solar panels for trickle charge on battery, moulded polyethylene mudguards and more," he says.

"The heavy duty all steel construction, twin axles and lockable cabinet help to ensure the safe storage and transportation of the fuel tanks' contents."

The fuel bowsers also feature internal baffles for safe towing; safety signage; reflective tapes; highway approved lighting and braking systems; number plate holders; bradley hitches and towing eyes as standard.

"Austrack fuel bowsers are in stock now allowing you to get the edge when it comes to fuelling your equipment and machinery, anytime, anywhere," Benson says.

Pricing for the fuel bowsers start from $13,999. Austrack is giving customers the choice to hire or purchase the bowsers outright.

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